A Yard within a Yard

A Yard within a Yard

We know within the same boundaries a U-Pull-It and a Full Service Facility do not mix well. A full service facility for several reason like insurance, liability and the type of product cannot just turn loose a customer to physically wonder through their yard. Neither can a U-Pull-It capture the extra sales that a non-physical visiting customer are willing to make. We have yet to talk to anyone that operates either type of auto recycling facility that has not shown an interest in capturing even more profitable used part sales.
That’s where PartingOut.com comes in. Consider PartingOut as your own online “You-Offer-Yard.” PartingOut.com is a visual interactive “SEE and OFFER” marketplace; we help buyers say to you “I see you have Part X and I would like to buy it for X number of dollars under these conditions.”

Sellers all you need to do is register on PartingOut.com, then fill out your profile, you know tell your story because people want to know who they are dealing with. Finally, create your PartingOut listing with several photos along with a few parts posted. Now a new potential buyer can SEE you have a vehicle posted and make an OFFER with our deal flow. You’ll get the offer essentially telling you, “This is Buyer Bob in Dallas, TX making an offer to buy your part for x dollars and this offer is good for 3 days.”

If you, the seller, agree with the offer details you can now accept the offer. Or you may counter the offer and adjust the part price or conditions. Don’t like the deal at all? Deny the offer and all negotiations are stopped! Once a deal is accepted the part goes onto an invoice and the buyer is given a paypal link to make payment so the seller can ship the part.

We at PartingOut.com have great respect for the yard management systems many of us use and the innovation they have brought to our auto recycling industry. 

PartingOut is a venue that will bring even more customer exposure to your donor vehicles and increase your sales.

1959 Chevrolet Bel Air


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