Buyer Listed Part at Work

One of the salvage yard’s using let us know how the Buyer Listed Part (BLP) is working for them with a recent part request.

They created a listing for a 1985 Ford Bronco but let the rest up to the buyers to list the parts they needed. Recently they received a Buyer Listed Part offer on the filler tube assembly, certainly a non-top twenty part, but still a part the guy needed and was willing to pay $40 for.

The offer came with specific details including a site for reference to make sure the seller knew the exact part they needed with the laymen’s definition “it holds the neck from moving,” the conditions they needed the part in, and most importantly how much they were willing to pay.

This is what the seller had to say about it, “I love the deal flow. Here is a customer who needs a small non top twenty part, BUT he NEEDS it. The guy saw the truck was the right make and model and created a BLP offer (and a fair one at that) and sent us this awesome info about what, where and how much he would give. Done Deal!”

This is the ideal example to sum up the Buyer Listed Part. This seller would have never spent the time to list this part but at when a buyer can see, or decipher from the photos the part they need is there, they can take action on their own and create a Buyer Listed Part. Sellers can then easily accept, counter or deny the offer. But, when you didn’t spend money to list the part and you have a qualified offer at the door the response is usually the same, “DONE DEAL!” 

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