Even the Pros run into a Part Pickle now & then!

Silver Screen Car Part Pros
Even the most seasoned hunters find themselves in a pinch for a part every once in a while. It even happens to the TV pros! Hard Parts:South Bronx, for example, details professionals on the hunt for hard to locate car parts. Playing on the Speed channel it features business owner Joe Ferrer and his crew as they race against tough deadlines to match parts for antsy clients. Check out some of the challenging part hunts the TV professionals face.

Fossil Fiat
Joe and his team are faced with one of the age old laws in part hunting: the older the car, the harder the part hunt. A local business owner displays a vintage 1957 Fiat 500 out in front of his store each day. The car, like the owner, is authentic Italian. When the car won’t start, the owner has to push the car out front. Watch as the part hunters start the chase for an ancient part on the Hard Parts: 57 Fiat segment.

Bridezilla’s Bentley
 No one wants to stand between a bride and her perfect wedding day, especially a limo driver. The part hunters get a call from a limousine company that needs to replace a part in a 1955 Bentley Rolls Royce to be used in a wedding. Like most situations in the part hunting world, time is of the essence, but especially on a wedding day. The team races against the clock and finds a replacement part just in time. See it on the Hard Parts: Your Distributor Please!


Lopsided Time Lowrider

A low riding big body that bounces from side to side is fun to watch. But not so fun to drive, especially when the hydraulics freeze causing the car to get stuck sideways with only three wheels on the ground. Joe has to find a replacement part quickly. Luckily, he finds a solenoid in stock and restores balance to the lopsided lowrider. Check out the Hard Parts: Broken Lowrider episode.

It’s good to know that even the pros run into a part pickle every once in a while! PartingOut.com’s tools make the search much easier – it only these guys knew about the Parts Wanted Listing on PartingOut.com.

Guest Blogger
David Fogel 
Author Bio: David is a writer and editor for GetDirectTV.org. His love of cars on TV began when he used to watch a famous 1984 Pontiac Trans Am jump in slow motion over obstacles and other vehicles.  If only he could find the parts to make his 2003 Toyota Corolla shoot missiles and do jumps.



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