Get the Right Replacement Part the First Time

People just want to look up a product online and with one click buy it right then and there.  Buyers wants to click on the alternator and have it shipped to their house the next day. Buyers want it right now, they don’t want to negotiate or ask questions. But, really the negotiation starts when they open the box and see the part is wrong, and then they want to contact the seller and give then give their car info, and request the sellers to pay for the return shipping and send them the right part. At PartingOut we say 
“Let’s look at it, compare it, and get the right part to you the first time.” provide a unique deal flow that allows the buyer and seller to look and compare the deal’s conditions side by side. This is paired with an easy way to negotiate a price to make what could otherwise be a wrong part exchange a good deal based on fair price and the right part the first time.

These steps do not hinder the deal process because they are built in and quickly recognized as valuable as users create their offers, make counter offers, and clearly define the conditions they need parts in or conditions of the part they are selling.

It’s free to join and free to list at, so create your free account today to start building 

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