Happy 4.26 – Hemi Day


Its April 26th – as in 426 HEMI in our minds! Take a look at these awesome shots from OnallCyliders.com of incredible HEMI engines. Have a great weekend and a happy HEMI DAY! 

HEMI engine  got its name from “hemisphere” because the roof of each cylinder’s 
combustion chamber is a hemispherical form.

The Chrysler Corporation has the most recognized hemispherical chamber design and trademarked “HEMI” starting in the 1960s. There have been three generations of the companies HEMI 
1. in the 1950s there was Chrysler’s FirePower engine
2. the 426 HEMI, developed  in 1964 for NASCAR (produced through the early 1970s) 
3. in the 2000s the “new HEMI” was introduced

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  1. Ah yes, it looks like a Dodge Ram 1500, Quad Cab, 1/2 ton pickup. Nice truck. What it needs to make it an outinatdsng truck however is a series hydraulic hybrid energy recovery system.It seems to me that spending 48 million to just make a plug-in truck that very few people can afford to buy isn’t a very wise use of our tax dollars. IF OR WHEN the cost of batteries comes down; maybe. Until then, why not piggyback on the hydraulic hybrid program Chrysler is already working on for their mini-vans? If what I read is true, a hydraulic hybrid option for a mini-van will cost about $700 per vehicle. For a 1/2 ton truck that might be what; twice that much? I just don’t see battery technology ready yet for trucks. Unless of course someone knows something we don’t. Come to think of it, what was the name of that battery company in Texas that supposedly had some giant breakthrough dealing with ultra capacitors? Our host also asked this question. Seriously, do most pickup truck buyers really need that kind of power, ever? .The answer is: of course we do. Three or four times per year when we pull our boats down to the marina to go fishing or take that 2 month vacation in our 10,000 lb. 5th wheel trailers, LOL.

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