Have you met “Need Now” and “Sometime Soon”?

Auto Recyclers, Have you met Need Now and Sometime Soon?

 I absolutely believe PartingOut is a tool that helps both the seller and buyer make and save money. 

Here is an example: Let’s look at an established Auto Recycler who is being confronted each day with higher overhead cost in both buying vehicles and the labor to process those vehicles. One cost is the inventory of the vehicle and deciding what parts to list and where, along with the fees of selling on certain venues. Today’s Auto Recycler knows how to sell his top ten to twenty parts, in fact, the demand for some parts (4.7 engines) almost sell themselves. 

But after that, the buyer-seller process can get nonproductive. We at PO think that process can be altered to work very well for both sides if defined at the point of request. Think of a part sale as “need now” or “need sometime soon.” A customer’s “Need Now” is when the transmission just when out of their only car, that gets them to work, and they need it now! “Give me a good price, warranty and availability and I will buy it now.”

A customer’s “Sometime Soon” need is the sun visor on their Volvo S70 that just broke off and they need one sometime soon. Auto recyclers jump on the “Need Now” customer deal and should, but the “Sometime Soon” customer we either tell them “no we don’t have the visor or… let me check.” We then forget because another “Need Now” customer just called and we all like “Need Now” customers. Well “Sometime Soon” is still your customer who could become a “Need Now” customer if you help them with their “sometime soon” request. 

PartigOut.com would like to help you help “Customer Sometime Soon Requests.” Here is how we do that. You need to register as a seller on PartingOut.com. Create a PartingOut listings and yes post your top 10-20 parts, as we can help you sell those even faster, along with some good photos of the vehicle. Don’t worry too much about listing the other parts since it would be a bit of a guess as to the market demand at that given time. Instead let the buyer pick and choose what part he would like to purchase from you.  

We at PO left an open door for your customer to say to you, “I need the transmission you have listed now and will pay this much and my offer is good for one hour.” You as the seller can accept, counter or deny that offer along with a set time limit. The “Sometime Soon” customer can see your listing and make and offer on a non-listed part with our Buyer Listed Part feature. “Sometime Soon” can see the visor on the Volvo s70, use the BLP tool to make an offer, state conditions they expect, how long the offer is good for and the price they are willing to pay. 

You as the seller get an alert that shows details of the deal and the option to accept counter or deny the offer. We have found many times the “Sometime Soon” customer has already discovered the part they need is not available, new or the cost is too high and when they call direct many times they are told no. None of the three, not available, too high a cost or “no” has helped this customer. We believe by using PartingOut .com you can profitably start saying yes to “Sometime Soon” requests. 

Truck load of Mustangs being Parted out 


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