How to find parts on the internet that aren’t on the internet?

By association, let me explain.
When looking for a certain part, say a transmission, buyers go to -multiple web sites, enter their vehicle information, select transmission, and then do a part search.  Depending on the website, buyers will either find the part or be presented with results that are nowhere close to the part needed.  Now, let us look for a non-standard part, but a part you definitely need to fix your car.
A current example was a PartingOut customer who needed the switches to operate the  convertible top on his 2001 Volvo c70. The new part price was too far out of reach for this customer. He did several part searches for switches, but to no avail. He then did a “parting out a Volvo c70” search and was guided to At he was able to do a vehicle search of parting out a Volvo c70 where he saw the actual vehicle being salvaged and determined from the photos and description that this vehicle included the parts he needed.
This customer went right to the “Buyer Listed Parts” feature and made an offer on these parts. The seller received an alert within seconds, reviewed the offers, made adjustments, and a deal was made on the internet on parts that were not originally listed on the internet. This is what is made possible by Both sides found a way to get a deal done.  This is how you find parts on the internet that are not on the internet.

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