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Things you might want to know as a Used Auto Parts Seller.

Using the tools on gives sellers the ability to PartOut their salvage vehicles past the top twenty parts.


Video Script:

If I told you every piece of salvage that comes into your yard could be parted out from the top 20 parts down to the trim and console…on one site, with one listing …

you would think I was CRAZY!

We thought the same thing! Simply it takes too much time and money to list numerous parts on the internet

That’s why we invited a solution. It’s called

And it does exactly what it sounds like it does – helps you Parted Out your vehicles, but what’s different here? Oh yes, “from 20 top parts to trim and console” How does that work? We realized that it will never be possible to list all the thousands of parts available for sale on a salvage vehicle, I mean it would take years! We also realized when you are listing parts you are guessing what parts you think buyers are looking for. So, we solved both problems by giving the buyer a very powerful tool. We call it the Buyer Listed Part tool. With this one button they can list the part they see you have, give you and offer, and state their conditions. Instantly you get an alert that says “hey I want that part, I will give you good hard-earned money for it now.” So here’s your decision:

You choose: 1,000 random email requests of “do you have?” or 200 “I see you have what I want-here is my offer.” provides the latter.

So sign up for your seller’s account and open up the possibility to sell every part, because someone somewhere not matter how small has a need for that part  

1972 Ford Torino being Parted Out 

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