’s Challenge: Auto Salvage Industry is providing tools that are nowhere else online and require a mindset change.
For instance, anywhere else online a buyer looking for a used part does a “part search” that is targeted at that specific part. If the part is not “listed” as an individual part for sale it is out of the reach of the buyer. If the part search returns no matches the buyer leaves.

At just because the specific part hasn’t been listed by the seller doesn’t mean it’s not available for purchase. Our “part search” returns not only listings that have the part specifically listed, but also vehicles that match the desired year, make and model. Why? Because buyers have the ability to list the parts themselves by creating a Buyer Listed Part offer. 

Convincing the Buyers

First, a buyers find the right vehicle, if they see the part they need in the pictures but it hasn’t been listed they click the Buyer Listed Part button. Buyers then select the part from a drop down, state the conditions they require the part to be in, and let the seller know how much they are willing to pay. This is a “wild” and “crazy” idea but it is logical and works! Every day buyers are listing their own parts and sellers are selling parts they never considered valuable when buying salvage. However, keeping people from walking away when their “part search” does not return the exact part they are looking for, but instead asking them to list it themselves is difficult, because it’s a completely new idea.

Convincing the Sellers 

Similarly, convincing sellers they do not have to inventory every piece of salvage (the predominate technique), but instead can simply upload photos and then let sellers do the listing themselves is difficult because we are attempting to change the way the salvage business does business online. 

 Even though we are providing a deal flow that takes out the added cost of having to inventory every part, or the top twenty parts, and instead of guessing what parts might sell and instead allowing the buyers to list parts themselves takes convincing. We are working on making the marketplace for used parts better every day and hope you will join us as we strive to create the best place online to buy and sell used parts:  

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