The Automotive Ring & Restoration Resources is passionate about being a valuable tool to the needs of professional restorers and hobbyists alike.
One of the most frustrating moments for a restorer is to know the part you need is there. Either at a yard or on an online listing, but you have no access to it and no quick and easy way to get an offer to the seller. We feel you. That’s why we created the Part Wanted Listing feature. So that those with a serious need can create a listing for the exact part they need and can then let those with the parts know they are a qualified buyer with a serious need.
Now it’s one and done. You have a place that has all the information about your part request with pictures, conditions, and an offer is on the table. Needless to say, sellers will be pulled to your Part Wanted Listing.
We are filling a gap we have experienced in our own lives and hope we help you get closer to meeting your restoration goals.
We all know spending weekends under the hood and covered in grease wouldn’t be half the fun without people with the same passions to meet us at the local car club, talk problems and triumphs with, and smoke in a “friendly” competition after a car show cruise. The Automotive Ring is a great place to get connected to other gear heads in your community. Their list of clubs, businesses and other resources devoted to cars and trucks is a great place to find information on whatever car or truck question you have.
We are proud to be a part of The Automotive Ring and hope you find it worth your while.
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