Tools of the Trade – Auto Salvage, Auto Repair, Restoration &

Tools of the Trade – Auto Salvage, Auto Repair, Restoration &

The easy approach is to regurgitate other listings like many sites do with ebay and craigslist posting under the disguise of a re-poster. Or to have sites pipe the yards inventory into the façade of another site. Or become an annoying online catalog infested with ads instilling the user with a subpar experience while the site survives on ad revenue.

I refuse to walk down that road. will become a brand of its own because we built something – a tool. A tool for the salvage seller that is easily used to provide profit for their current operations and open doors for more opportunity. See mechanics, craftsman, salespeople, they are proud of their tools. They like to take their tools and sale, create, repair and invent things, to show them off. My people come and get me often to show me what they did, grown men as proud as children-with tool in hand. will become a great tool where people will confidently say “We are selling so many more parts since we added to our sales channel.”

Try it out, like a fine tuned big block busting off with open headers on a hot summer night catching the attention of everyone on the block, music to our ears.

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  1. Kevin Fullerton

    Great concept! I’m tired of looking through multiple catalogs seeing the same parts over and over again!

  2. Great business model.

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