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‎Twomey Auto Works of  Austin, TX supports Auto Start Up,
Twomey Auto Works is an eye-catching spot along Austin’s eclectic South Congress Ave. Established in 1979, it is a constant place to see late model vehicles, classics and  muscle cars parked out front, or hoods up in the garage. They are famous for their spot on color matching and flawless paint jobs and the team is a great group of guys. Owner, Don Twomey, is the first buyer from Austin, TX to find a part, make a deal, and have a part shipped to him using
Mr. Twomey was in need of a door from a 1969 Ford F100 for a restoration project. Plugging in the year, make and model of the truck he was looking for he then saw the door had been listed and he made an offer. A deal was done and his door has arrived!
Ford,F-100Visit the Listing here: 1969 Ford F100
While visiting with Mr. Twomey, he also let me know that being able to create a Parts Wanted Listing would be a good tool for him when a customer is in need of a specific and/or rare part that is not the typical. He said “I know those parts are out there, so this gets attention to the parts I need found.”
Fortunately, the door he needed off the 1969 Ford F100 had been listed by the seller, but he noted that he sees a lot of value in the ability for buyers to list parts not listed by the sellers, what we call the Buyer Listed Part. He said, “If this door had not been listed, but I saw the truck and could see the door was what I was looking for, but had not been able to quickly make and offer and get a deal done I would have walked away and the seller would have lost a sale.” Mr. Towney is exactly right, and that is why we have built on a visual platform. So that regardless if the part needed is listed or not sellers have the ability to make a legit offer and sellers have the ability to part out every part.
Check out Twomey Auto Works at 1009 South Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704

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