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We are so glad you are here! You may be asking, why are we here? Simply, there is huge demand for used auto parts that is grossly underserved. PartingOut.com is a market maker, simply a venue to help satisfy that demand.

Sellers, whether you are a recycling facility with hundreds or even thousands of salvage vehicles, or a rebuilder or restorer with one vehicle we welcome you to the PartingOut.com community. Buyers, from the large full service certified repair shops, to the individual looking to save money with quality recycled parts; we welcome you to the PartingOut.com community, as well.

You can buy a whole bucket of million dollar ideas for a dollar, but the plan to carry out that idea is where the value lays. PartingOut is one of my ideas. The journey has been long, and I will admit from the initial concept to where we are now has covered much more ground than I ever thought would be required. Well I’m here and you’re here and I am glad of that, so now 

let’s go make some money together.
God Bless,
Kevin Fullerton
CEO, PartingOut.com
James 4:13-15

2009 Cadillac Escalade Wheels just listed! 

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  1. If the repairs are over 50% of the value of the car then it is going to be decalred a total loss and they will offer to pay you what the value of the car is. At that point you can take the money and replace the car. However, if you do not want to do that, you can opt for a “buy back” option where they offer you the same amount as the value, and then they subtract the “wholesale or auction” value of the car and send you the lower amount and let you keep the car.If they do not for some reason declare a total loss, you can just get a check written and sent directly to you if their is no lien on the vehicle. Good luckReferences : Insurance agent 11 years

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