Why we love Icon4x4

The principle that collector car enthusiasts are looking for “modern performance married to classic styling” is the genius bedrock for Icon4x4. At PartingOut.com we have the same understanding: more and more people want to drive up in their ‘69 ford pickup, ’53 CJ-3A Jeep, ’87 Caballero El Camino, or any of the other thousands of collector cars and make a statement; but, they also want reliable modern performance.
Icon4x4 is doing this with off road regulars like Broncos and Jeeps, and also take on limited Derelict & Reformer projects.  They cannot keep their creations in stock and are in the process of expansion. Their passion and vision is a perfect way to blend the enthusiasm for collector cars with “modern performance, and timeless utility,” I think they are on to something.
PartingOut.com wants to be a part of the same movement by giving everyone an even playing field to easily list their one vehicle or 200 vehicles for parting out. This will then bring millions of un-marketed parts to a global platform to contribute preserving these classics. Suggested listings for PartingOut would be complete pull out drive-trains and all types of unique vehicles. When a restorer needs even a small part such as the windshield chrome   the fact is they need it! With the deal flow developed by PartingOut.com it allows qualified leads to be brought to your PartingOut.com account where you can share details and the part exchange can be finalized.
Check out the amazing work they are doing at Icon4x4
and read their story here: http://www.icon4x4.com/aboutus/our-story

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