WildAboutCars.com features PartingOut.com as Used Parts Marketplace for its members

WildAboutCars.com welcomes PartingOut.com as featured Used Auto Parts Marketplace for its members

Forums are popular with all types of hobbyists but you would be hard pressed to find a group that loves forums more than car people. It’s safe to say almost every make and model has a forum dedicated to it. The work that goes into maintaining or restoring cars and trucks is most greatly appreciated by others who do the same, thus forums are a great place to share photos of progress or finished rebuilds, restorations, and customs. These communities are tight and heavily patrolled to keep the content fresh and specific to the form’s make and/or model. But, one thing that you will find on most forums is random and unorganized classified ads. If you are a forum member you are familiar with angry users fed up with classifieds being where they shouldn’t  resulting in unorganized forums. These are three quotes I pulled from a forum I’m a member of:

  • “Please check out the forum rules you will go nowhere fast listing stuff for sale in the forum section’”
  • “There should be a X forum in the classifieds to help filter out all the X listings from the X listings. Would help clean up the clutter and I’m sure it isn’t that much work to add to the forum.”
  • “If you’re new to the X community, it is highly recommended that you browse this forum first. It will save you a lot of trouble.”
Administrators will tell you users want to be able to sell and buy parts, but how far does that go until it dilutes the purpose of the forum?

When we first started PartingOut.com we envisioned being a greatest tool for forums by being their “classified section” so the administrators and users can get back to the point of the forum, a community not a classified site. As car people ourselves, and members of several online car communities, we feel the pain of the users and can imagine the administrators difficulty in finding a balance. This has come to reality! 

WildaboutCars.com has seen the value in giving their users easy access to PartingOut.com on their site for a better experience buying and selling used parts online. WildaboutCars.com has a great community who share stories on personal forums, has a place designated for bragging rights, and easily shares their car photos with the group, but its primary function is every car guy’s dream resource. If you are looking for the latest auto news, car event information, stories about your favorite cars or owners, auction news, auto personalities, you can find it at WildaboutCars.com. 

Still, the greatest resource is the Auto History Preservation Society’s Library, or better known as the “Vault.” Here you can find “Factory Generated Publications, a Photo Archive, Manufacturer’s Car Brochures & Advertisements as well as a Magazine Archive – all ready for you to view and/or download.”

Now when WildaboutCars.com users click “buy & sell” they are taken to PartingOut.com through a window on their site. Bob Gerometta WildAboutCars.com CEO said, “WildAboutCars.com is excited to have PartingOut.com as our featured source for searching for those hard-to-find or one-off parts. PartingOut.com has a highly creative method of bringing together parts cars and parts with our membership. We want to extend a warm welcome into the Wild About Cars world.”

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